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eyesofcrystal (profile) wrote,
on 1-20-2006 at 7:38pm
Im at eDen right now with Tony and Ryan. I was playing Battlefield 2 for like, an hour and a half, but then I got bored. I think Im ok at that game. Tony is playing World of Warcraft, and our characters are under the same account so I have to wait till he is done. Its no big deal though... I mean, he has been wanting to play forever and every time we came here I would play the entire night. So its his turn for a long while. Good times.

Im really glad that this week is over. Its been hell. But now its the weekend...and its time to cool down. The end of the semester is always stressful for me, butn ot as stressful as this time. Now graduation is on the line. I want to go back in time to my freshman year and kick my ass for being so damn stupid and lazy! Things would be fine if i hadnt been so immature!

BUT....thats all done and over with, and I think things will be good. There is only like..a few weeks till Spring Hill. Im looking forward to that. It will be fun.

I guess thats it for now.
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