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anachronism (profile) wrote,
on 1-22-2006 at 7:23pm
Music: Tom Petty
Subject: Can I have your tonsils?
This weekend was really good, beside getting made fun of for sounding like a little boy who just hit puberty. Ah well, I'll be a good sport and admit that it was funny.

Saturday night Lisa picked me up and we headed down to Skelles, excuse me, "The Euclid" *rolls eyes* and Devin was there, luckily. I think he was really happy and surprised to see us 'cause we didn't plan on hanging out. Anyway, Dani met us there, then we all headed to Big Nasty's house. Have I mentioned that I fucking love Big Nasty before? Well just in case I haven't.. I LOVE BIG NASTY. All right, anyway.. we hung out there for a while then went to Jimi's and Torrell's house to chill. After that we just drove around until like 4am then crashed at Lisa's for the night. After sleeping in until around 1pm we decided to head down town again. We as in Lisa, Devin, and I. Dani headed home early to sleep for the day. Yeah, so today was a lot of fun too. Overall the weekend was just awesome. I love my friends. I really do. [Ashley: I can't wait until you can join us again. We miss you!]

He is just so great. I'm so comfortable around him. I could see us becoming great friends and him being an important part of my life. He really cares about me. And I can't wait for him to see that I care as well.

Spring Hill is pretty soon. I guess I'm excited, but not really.

The [Advanced Drama] play is soon as well. I'm so nervous about it, yet very excited at the same time. Please go. It's going to be awesome if we get our shit together. And for once I have more than one line. I have two damn pages all to myself.

Anyway, I have tons of things to say, but you've heard it all before and it's all over thought bullshit that I don't need to ramble on about. So yeah, tomorrow starts a new semester. Yay.
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