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jade (profile) wrote,
on 1-22-2006 at 6:59pm
Current mood: energetic
Tonight was interesting to say the least…

Danielle and Meghan came over as they always do on Sunday nights. I made dinner as usually and we chilled and talked. My computer kept making noises from people messaging me on msn. They got curious and ran to my computer room. I chased them down and turned the comp off lol.

Danielle and Meghan decided at that point that I am leading a secret life. Ha Ha, I think there loosing it. As Danielle spent like 20 mins trying to find shit on my comp, Meghan wrote me a story about myself. This is how it went…..

“There once was a dumb dork named Jade. She smelled like pee so no one would have sex with her. She had two wonderful, beautiful friends named Meghan and Danielle who were only her friends because they felt sorry for her. But Jade had a secret. She was having a sexual relationship over the internet with a smelly boy. They liked each other because they were both smelly. They liked to exchange nude photos of each other, masturbating with cactuses and forks. Jade didn’t tell her beautiful friends about the porn because she was afraid that they would laugh at her and poke her with sharp pointy sticks. But Meghan and Danielle were extremely smart so they knew Jade was hiding something. Danielle tried to get the secret out of her by curb stomping her. Meghan laughed and encouraged her, but Jade would not reveal her secret. Just when they were about to give up, a picture popped up on her computer. It featured a boy covered in pancake syrup with a gopher shoved up his ass and a monkey rubbing his balls. Jade was so overcome with desire that she ripped off her clothes and began shoving a spoon up her ass. Luckily Meghan and Danielle had looked the other way. They ran out of the house and never returned. The boy ended up moving in with her and a large assortment of small animals for their sexual pleasure.

The End.

Ps. None of the following is true. Now Jade tell us what the fuck you are hiding.”

I hope you get a laugh from that story because when I was reading it I couldn’t stop laughing I almost fucking cried.

Other than that it wasn’t a bad day, I spent most of it cleaning and I did a little bit of shopping.

Oh ya and my friends are fucking dumb asses.
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