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witchgirl (profile) wrote,
on 1-25-2006 at 12:11am
Current mood: bored
Music: horrorpops
Subject: ...
hey i havent written in this journal in forever and im going to start writting in here again! yay i think. well lets see whats new with me nothing much my boyfriend is coming over around 6pm tonight and me and my mom and him are going to watch american idol. i love that show its funny. i havent heard from my dad in awhile i think he has been trying to call and it hasnt been getting through because when he call it comes up univalible and i answer it and it just hangs up so i dunno. my mom is having surgery tomorrow so im going to be up the hosipal all day and spend the night up there with her. she will be in the hospital for 5 days i think. well im going to go and take a bath and do my make up and all that fun stuff.
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