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courtney115 (profile) wrote,
on 1-27-2006 at 9:21pm
Current mood: tired
Music: The OC: Mix 1
Subject: A Survay
I took this survay march of last year. A lot of the Answers have changed since then, so im re-taking it.

1. First best friend: Kindergarden, Lauren Worly
2. First kiss: Robert in 7th grade
3. First screen name: was...Monkeymoonface. im so cool.
4. First pet: a hamster named Rocky
5. First car: not sure yet

1. Last real kiss: Thursday after school =)
2. Last good cry: hahah, last night
3. Last beverage drank: water
4. Last food consumed: cereal
5. Last phone call: yesterday from will

1. Who is your best friend: will
2. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend: yes, Chris

1. Where are your favorite places to shop: American Eagle, Pacun, V.S
2. Favorite item of clothing: my outfit i have on now: blue long-sleeved polo and dark-washed jeans

1. Do you do drugs: nope
2. What kind of shampoo do you use: garnier frutice (sp??)
3. What are you most scared of: i dont know
4. What would you change about yourself: stop being negitive and stop secluding myself.

1. Colors: purple & green
2: TV show: Project Runway
3. Subject in school: Orchestra
4. Animals: bunny
5. Sports: baseball
6. Movies: Forrest Gump

1. Lied to your best friend: yes
2. Smoked: nope
3. Made yourself throw-up: no
4. Skinny dipped: no
5. Been in love: yes

1. Clothes: jeans and polo shirt
2. Music: The Way We Get By- Spoon
3. Make-up: none

1. Talked to on the phone: Will
2. Hugged: my sister
3. IMed: Cassie
4. Last person who slept at your house: uhhm..i forget
5. Last persons house you slept at: Christina C...haha, in December of '05

1. In the morning I am: tired and cold
2. Love is: amazing
3. I always think about: myself

1. 7 years ago: I was in first grade and loved Mr. Nocco
2. 5 years ago: i was in 4th grade, one of the best classes of my life.
3. 3 years ago: I was in sixth grade and started to...grow up, lol
4. 1 hour ago: I was in the excat same spot as now
5. Tomorrow: I will sleep in, hang out with will, and babysit

10 things that scare me
1. The Ring
2. when i'm taking a shower and my sister comes into the bathroom to fix her hair or something and doesnt tell me
3. scary dreams
4. being lost
5. not knowing what's going to happen next
6. someone kidnapping me
7. being alone
8. that guy at the library...Christina Will Jinri you know who.
9. getting cancer
10. that someday ill get fat hahah

9 random facts about me
1. i hate pasta
2. i wish i didn't overthink everything
3. i love subtitles
4. i love reading
5. i impulse buy too much
6. i cant dance
7. i wish i knew how to sew or knit
8. i love to write
9. I bite the inside of my lips

8 things I love
1. writing
2. my family and friends
3. my iPod
4. laughing so hard i cant breathe (Will)
5. My cat
6. love stories and movies
7. gum
8. Democrats

7 things I hate
1. Bush
2. Republicans
3. when my dad makes me mad
4. when i wake up and my hairtie from my wrist makes this huge indentation
5. bad teeth
6. How I know i should eat more healthy, but I don't
7. feeling like i don't fit in

6 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. hands
2. laugh
3. eyes
4. hair
5. personality
6. sence of humor

5 things I plan to do before I die
1. get married and have kids
2. speak fluent french
3. go to france
4. write something that gets published, possibly a best seller?
5. get laid! lol

4 things I want to do right now
1. see Chris
2. see Will
3. see Lilly
4. crack my knuckles...exept i just did so now i dont want to anymore

3 things that annoy me
1. people say picher instead of picture
2. when i know i should practice the violin more and then i don't
3. when the inside of my mouth iches (like now)

2 things I can do
1. help people with romantic issues
2. not get nervous infront of big crowds

1 thing I cant do
1. eat with chopsticks
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