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speakyourmind22 (profile) wrote,
on 2-3-2006 at 12:07am
wow i havent updated this in a long time. just checking in to say hello. I think the tie i worte was thanksgiving..well its 2006..dan g time files. Iam back at school..hopefully this time next year i will be on my way to graduate!! Nothing much has been going on I went to visiit my brother the day after Christmas...I went to the Nets vs. Cavs game we had amazing seats..and then we went to see Stomp in NYC. IT was GREAT! i want to go back jsut to see it. When i was there the only thing i could think is :god I cant wait to move there" but yeah it was a great break. Gina's little boy noah turned a year old on Jan 18 i got ot go home for his birthday..he is adorable! Classes are goign ok, I hope i do well. I got a 3.2 last semester. so iam hoping for like a 3.4 this semester. I like my classes expect for aesthtics...that class is insane we already had a test. i know i failed that crap. anyways...ive been doing alot. iam joing Alpha Phi Omega...DONT WORRY it is not a sorotiy..APO is an co-ed service freternity. so no worries people iam not becoming a sority girl ( there is nothign wrong with it..its just not me:) But yeah i dig the semester so far..people have been pissing be off left and right..but whats new! well its Thursday @ iam not out partying like all the other cool kids...and i dont even have classes on friday..I am very tired night class 3 nights in a row can be bad....but at least my one class is almost over!!
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