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fishyrere (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2006 at 8:31pm
Subject: Woohu
coming to this site... it brings up painful memories. theres no reason for them they just are. like this journal is the part of my past that hurts so bad to think about but i don't want to let go. everything about this place is dark and lonely and sad. i mean even the name of my site "have you ever said good bye to a hero?" is depressing. yet time after time i come back reliving everything i've worked so hard to forget: my stupid emo freshman self. there are some memories i just don't want to remember but this site makes me relive them. there are some feelings i've worked so hard to surpress but this site makes me feel them strongly. there are some people who it hurts to remember both physically and emotionally but at this site they come rushing back into my life as if they never left. and i'm back to being emo and stupid and freshman. this site makes me revert. and i don't know if i like that. but i don't know if i'm ready to let go. espcially the people. especially that one person.

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