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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 2-6-2006 at 8:19am
Current mood: groggy
Music: Girl you Shine- Aaron Carter
Subject: *burp*
Woo....I am winding down from being up two hours now. I spent the night with my best friend, her baby Tony, and her dog Mable. I loved it. We went to bed around 2 am and i got up around 6am. So its all good!!!! hahahha.....I am still celibate. For the most part. Im hoping that i can make it untill im Married. I dont wanna go through the bullshit anymore. So it kinda sux. I really wanna get laid but i cant. I want it to be special, i dont want it to just be a one night thing with a friend. I want someone who will love me for me and hope for forever. So fuck it. Guess ill be single for awhile, i know a bunch of guys will walk away once i say i wont fuck em, even if i date them. They will have to marr me first. :-P Later yall. Im too bored to write, Well actually i just really dont have much to talk about besides that i saw Broke Back Mountain last night as well. Very good, its about two gay guys meeting up but yet they dont end up much together, One goes and gets married, Has two kids and the other has one kid and gets married. The movie all in all was great though. I think i saw sex in that movie about four times. lol. It wasnt bad though. So yea. Im ready to move out again but i dont have a place to go this time. I wont move in with tracy cuz of Jo (her bf) hes the biggest ass on the face of the planet. I cant be around him long before i go nuts. He is better then he used to be though. so you know. blah blah blah!!!! Jason sux balls too lol. I miss Brady, This kid Max is hitting on me, I like Luke, Think James is cute. Greg loves me still, Dont love him, Jason finally has a gf, and im about to die being single. Later yall. And yes this time im done typing!!!
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