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justplainolemica (profile) wrote,
on 2-7-2006 at 10:39pm
Good mood today, yes good mood indeed. True, I worked an hour later than I originally planned. But ya know what, I didn't have to work with Sam, and I get paid a little extra. So, as much as it stinks to get out later, it's also very cool.
I'm starting to get very excitied about this Big Rapids adventure. I love getting to go away and just be. Especially when it's always chuck full of smiles. And in this case, also full of presents! hehehe
Yup, feelin squishy, tryin to hold it back from journal land though. But just know, there is some squish goin on tonight. Think I'll head to bed now, gotta wake up in 7 hours... that's actually not a bad amount of sleep. Now that I've counted it out I'm gonna feel like a bum when I'm tired tomorrow.
Oh well. Good night to all!
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