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just_peachie (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2006 at 10:44am
Subject: Touche to things that make ya go "hmm"
It's really makes me ponder...

How someone could be such a low-life to weasel their way inbetween our relationship after they hint the slightest disturbance. You were supposed to be my friend.

And to think all the time on New Year's you were just pretending to be my friend. I knew I should have stayed suspicious of your phone call. You know the first major clue? The fact that you had sex with some random guy for and hour and a half after only just meeting him 45 minutes before. Touche to things that make ya go hmm.

It's ok. Because I know what you are to him. He's told me about everything. And even though we may be going through a rough spot in our relationship, I know who he loves. I know who he has feelings for.
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