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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 2-9-2006 at 7:59am
Current mood: calm
Music: Simple Plan - Perfect
Subject: Why cant i be perfect?
What is this feeling? im sick of hurting inside. Im sick of the heart ache. I want Happiness. My pain though ceases to fade as i sit around and all i do is think of Brady. I love that man. He is perfect in so many ways. I miss when he held me in his room. I miss when we tickled each other and just had some fun. We didnt think of the future but we knew we loved each other. I know my heart loved all it could for Brady or else i wouldnt still be hung on him. Its been near a year and a half since we were together last. I dont want to go any longer with out him. Then the next item to talk about is my mom. Shes been being a bitch since ive been staying at my best friends house. I have been helping Tracy out with her Baby Tony and so why cant this be okay? i go to bed on time. I get enough sleep and i get up when im suppose to. Shit sometimes i get up at 3am thinkin its 6am and i get outside to my car turn it on, only to find out that my clock in my car said, 3:11am. I was pissed but happy too. lol. Then i went back into Tracy and passed out. Thats all, Besides that im going to have to move out again soon. My mom and I arnt getting along no more. Its retarded. So later.
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