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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 2-10-2006 at 8:12am
Current mood: irritated
Music: Avril - Things ill never say
Subject: Bah! lol
Well im still a bit irritated. Sick of being alone. I want someone to love me like i love so many. But at the same time i think im pathetic. I want so much and yet i dont want to hurt anyone cuz at the end, i find out i love Brady in the long run. I want him but i want someone else so that i can get over him. I like soooooo many. There is a list in my head but noone cares about who i like. Including some in the room im in for 1st period and one in 2nd, none in 3rd. I dont think it could work out. I like Luke too and he seems like such a great guy but he wants to get to know me first. I know thats good but im so afraid that he will end up thinkin of me as a sister or something. If he dont like me then i just hope he tells me someday. In my world everything is perfect but i cant hide in my world all the time. I used to and it worked for me for so long but now that i have some people i truely care about i cant hide from people. Just like i cant lie to people. Which sux but ya know. Its kool too cuz i would rather tell the truth and see tears then to lie and see a smile. While i hide it away. the only thing i dont ever wanna say is if i like someone as more then a friend. Maybe someone right beside me dont even know. Which is all good but i dont think he would like me neways.
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