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Freaky (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2006 at 1:09pm
What do they know anyway, no one can really understand me. Don't try you'll only make a fool of yourself. Things happen for a reason... yes. But you don't make them happen for a reason. Love is there or its not. You can't make that happen. You can't make it grow. It has it's own way. People can't be alone. It's fact. And make it sound like that's their choice is bullshit cause they just can't be alone. Even if they wanted to be. Stop pitying yourself, make something of your life. In the things you do, you meet people... you'll meet your love and you'll be happy....but do not search for it. Don't try, cause once it will happen you won't have to try, you'll know its right.

Never does it matter what I say cause it's never used. I can only listen and it has effect. I can only absorb their pain and it's good. I cannot kill myself and they can. I need to help and cannot be helped. I'm not allowed to cut myself, neither are they but they still do it so why shouldn't I?

What does a feeling mean anyway, when you feel can you be 100% its the feeling you think it is? I'm not sure of any feeling I have, sadness mixed with anger, happyness mixed with love. But can you give them those names? I'm not sure about anything... All Im sure is that, I love Gaby... do I need to be sure about anything else? Not really.
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