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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 2-21-2006 at 6:36pm
Current mood: Period. Need I say more?
Music: Keep it stompin' in my air force one's, fool!
Subject: Ow. >.
Well, we started swimming in gym today. It wasn't exactly fun, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We had to swim a few style lap, a breath stroke lap, and a backstroke lap. Out of those the backstroke one was the only one I didn't finish last in. ^.^; We also had to float on our backs, which I could miraculously do! Woo! I'm not defective anymore, I can float on my back! Then, we treaded water in the deep end for a minute, and then we just had free time. Yup. It wasn't that bad... But then, right after that, I started my period! Oh lucky me! At least I didn't start in the water... That would have been bad... DAMN CRAMPS!!!! Now I don't really know what I'll do tomorrow... *sigh*

Also, my sister spazzed out on me tonight. We were just joking around, and than I called her a stereotypical angry teen. She got all pissed and cussed at me. The G-ma tried to resolve it, and it was OK for a while, but then I started to read my book, and I was smiling as I did so, and so Katie yelled at me for smiling. Yeah, she started crying, yelling, and spazzing just because I was smiling... Yeah, makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Weirdo...

FMA note: Wrath is an idiot! Ha ha! Is Lust really dead? That really sucks! All these characters are dying really crappy, anticlimactic, deaths. It blows! I mean, that Majahal guy that was in episode 4 who had absolutely no purpose on the show and was really, really stupid, died a cooler death than some of the main characters!!! DAMMIT!!!! I liked Lust, too...

OK, I'm spent.

Over and out, chickens.
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