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tonyp. (profile) wrote,
on 2-21-2006 at 7:16pm
well im alittle bumbed, i was suppose to be getting a job at a tattoo shop that chad (the guy to is teaching me ) was going to start up. it would be his second shop and he wanted me to run it. well turns out that one of the guys didnt want to start a second shop with him and the third guy ended up in jail so im not getting a job, oh well i guess its best i need to stay home and take care of everone. today was my moms first kemotherapy treatment. i guess it went well shes sleeping now, she has been sence 4:30 i guess kemo takes alot out of you. i have a favor for all my friends who still go to school or see me ever. to start collecting pop taps and send them to me, it helps pay for my moms treatment and it helps the kidney dialisas (i dont know if thats how its spelled). so if you see me and your nice enough to but some taps in a baggy that would be awsome. i got a nintendo game cube yesterday and i went out and got some games but i need a memory card or everything that i do dosent get saved. any one have a gamecube memory card they want to sell me for broke.
well thats it.
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