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Iron-Cipher (profile) wrote,
on 2-21-2006 at 10:39pm
My name is Nicholas and I am loved very deeply and completely by a young woman named Rachel. This young woman loves me very dearly and tries her darndest to make me happy and smile when I'm feeling a little down. Earlier today, I was a bit upset and antisocial. Instead of pressuring me, Rachel left to run errands and returned to keep me company. Very sillily, in an effort to make me smile or just to be weird, she read to me from The Little Prince. She tries her best to force that book on me at every turn.

Anyway, this Rachel girl loves me very much at tries to prove it as much as she can. She makes food for me every once in a while and on Sunday made a little indoor winter picnic for us to share. She lets it be known that she loves me very much. From my smile handles all the way down to my little feetsies.

Although the loss of my job and Rachel's future trip to France has set our plans back a few steps, Rachel still would love with all her heart to move in together. Being that we're both poorer than pancakes, it doesn't seem to be much of a real goal anymore. Rachel is constantly on the search for another job so maybe it's still attainable, either way it's something we hope to achieve at some point in the future.

Rachel loves me a whole lot of oodles and still hopes, in her hopelessly romantic way, to someday be my wife. Whether it's three or ten years from now, I know she'll stick around. As long as she gets at least a ring after five years of putting up with me. Heaven knows she needs a reward for that.

Our two-year anniversary is coming up soon (sort of) and it seems like we've been together for so much longer than two measly years. I suppose it has something to do with time flying when fun is had but surely this comfortability and feeling that it has and never will be any different from how it is now must come with a lot more time than two years.

Anyway, Rachel loves Nick. With all her heart. For always and forever and for a day or two. Three if he cooks. (He does. Very well indeed. I am willing to add on three months for that.)

(This has been a public service announcement brought to you by Rachel who can't seem to stretch her paper to six pages but somehow can easily write about nothing for one.)
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