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fadingintoblue (profile) wrote,
on 2-21-2006 at 11:39pm
Subject: things
1) I want to have sex with Steve. He wants to have sex with me. We will probably have sex soon. Should I be freaked out by this? I might be.

2) I'm starting to think I might actually be clinically depressed (as opposed to just feeling bad in bad situations, aka high school). Not sure yet, and after talking to Allison there's no way I'm going to the health center, because they can kick me out if they think I'm a danger to myself until they say I'm not anymore. I don't feel particularly awful compared to the past, so I think I'll stick it out and wait for February to end.

3) Barrett. I should have stopped worrying and caring by now! But apparently he not only remembers who I am, he cared enough to tell Brie to congratulate me on getting out. I'm glad he said that, but I wish he could get out too.

4) I worry about other people. A lot. There are a bunch of people on my worry list, and I desperately want their problems to resolve...but worry and want aren't useful.

5) There's a zombies versus humans game going on on campus. My roommate, one of my suitemates, and my suitemate's boyfriend are playing. The bf doesn't go to Goucher, but he spends a ton of time on campus anyway (and he was a Goucher freshman last year), so the creators of the game bent the rules to let him in. He's been staying in the suite since Saturday night. This will be his fourth night in a row. He's going to stay until the game is over. That could take two weeks. I think we should charge him rent, even though he is a nice guy. I kinda wish I had a say in this, or that I was at least told instead of waking up in the morning to him sleeping on the futon.

6) Apparently Allison's sister is going to visit in a couple months and stay for a week. Another case of "please tell me." But I'm actually looking forward to meeting her, so that's ok. And I was told, even if I had to ask questions.
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