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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 2-25-2006 at 1:26pm
Current mood: Giggly And Giddy
Subject: Yesterday... :D!
Oh my gosh. Yesterday… very very good day. School kind of went slow but after school was when everything went up. The stupid assembly we had was kind of dumb haha. But when I was getting ready to leave school I got to talk to someone that I haven’t talked to in awhile :D. Then at around 6:15 I went and got Lisa and we went to the game so I could get Tyler’s jersey. We were going to go get food after I got it but everything was like speeded up and it was already the 4th quarter of the JV game so we just stayed. The game was pretty awesome. I had a lot of fun, like always. I *LOVE* going to basketball games. This game though, was… *sigh*… the best. All I can really say is… he makes me smile, just by smiling at me. I feel like one of those little girls that gets all giddy about everything that boys do.

Okay, so enough about that haha, then after the game me and Lisa and Jeremy and Nick all went to Arby’s. Oh my goodness, that’s a way different story. Lisa and I had to wait for our food for like 15 minutes. Me and Lisa only friggen ordered 2 fries a sandwich and chicken fingers! Finally 15 minutes later (oh and by the way, they have been giving the people after us their orders and everything, and they didn’t even give us our cups or anything) *oh and I’m not over exaggerating about the 15 minutes part either* so yeah 15 minutes later I finally go up there and I’m like “Ok I don’t mean to be rude but I’ve been waiting for my food for like 15 minutes!” and there like “oh well what did u order?” so I told them. Then they were like “oh we must have forgot your order.” So then they like “upgraded” our fries lol. So then I sit down and I open my sandwich and its not even what I ordered. So I have go back up there and they have to make me a new sandwich, THEN I come back and sit down and our fries are the worst fries I’ve ever had. So I made Nick go up there and get me new fries haha. So yeah I’m definitely not going back to Arby’s any time soon. Anywho: that’s all I got!

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