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courtney115 (profile) wrote,
on 2-25-2006 at 10:43pm
Current mood: optomistic
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Subject: yet more music
Picture Time!
Ok, I like pictures. I wanted to send a lot of them of me and my friends, but I can't do it. Instead, I shall post pictures of random lists. Hah!
My Top 5 Favorite Bands/Artists (And Why)
1)Mindless Self Indulgence
I like this band because they (this sounds cliche)...but well, they don't care what anyone else thinks of them. And the lead singer sings SO high. God, it's amazing. Plus, their bassist and drummer are both girls, which ROCKS, because most of the time those insturments are played by guys. MSI's music is un-like anyone else's. Electric, upbeat, not particurally something to dance to, but you want to understand their pain, always. And then sing along. My Favorite Song: Clarrisa and Kill The Rock

2)The Shins

Wow, I love them because they're lyrics are amazing. Each line flows into the next so honestly. The music is added around the lyrics. Their sound is really organtic. So like, raw. Favorite Song: Mine's Not A High Horse and New Slang

3)The Killers

They're so popular, but I liked them before anyone else so HAH. ALl of their songs are dramatic and grab your attention. They're creepy! My favorite song from them is Andy, You're A Star


The lead singer of this band has a really direct voice, and I don't like it. But everything else about their music rocks. Does that make sense? If they had another lead singer, god, the possibilities would be endless! <3 stellastarr*. Favorite song:My Coco and A Million Reasons

5)Kanye West

From a white girls' perspective: his lyrics are amazing. And he's hot. and his music is intense and fun, and just...the ultimate rapper. I love rap! Favorite Song: Breathe In Breathe Out
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