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courtney115 (profile) wrote,
on 2-26-2006 at 4:06pm
Current mood: Happy
Music: Ocean Avenue-Yellowcard. they have a voilinist!
Subject: orchestra-dork stuff
I think I want to be athletic. I mean, I like my body, it's pretty nice. But my team was getting killed in basketball and I couldn't help but think what a little excersize would do for me.

Yesterday I went to Melanie's and worked on our solo and ensamble peice for awhile. omg, my harmony is so freaking hard. i'll have to practice it like crazayyy. anyway, after we practiced we made brownies and ventures over to Tina's to ask for an egg because we only had one. We were like "um..can we have an egg?" ahh, it was the coolest.

today im just sort of chilling out and not doing homework. reading my new Allure magazine for the 700th time and talking to my boyfriend and Isabel. Ah, the life of Courtney is so eventful! no, i lied. hahah.
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