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crazygirl (profile) wrote,
on 2-26-2006 at 7:49pm
i almost forgot this was here..

i guess things are going pretty well for me.
since the last update, i have...

1. Visited Denver
2. Quit both of my jobs
3. Gotten a new job
4. Visited Michigan
5. Bought an iBook
6. Started painting
7. Had 2 paintings hung in a contemporary bistro in the city
8. Visited Milwaukee
9. Gotten an apartment in the city

...and I guess those are the big things. Many, many small occurences. Also, I don't think I ever mentioned before that I found a great guy last June. Yep.. things are going pretty well. I love my job, I love painting.. I'm planning on going to school soon-- although I've been saying that for a while. I always get too immersed in my work... but I'm trying really hard not to this time.

Although, work has been crazy this past week. I've been handed the biggest account the company has. The lady handling it before is ass-backwards, so I've been spending off-the-clock hours trying to figure out my own way of organizing everything. This is going to take forever.

Oh well, I still love it and they love me. I've immediately become the computer-literate golden child. They have some big e-commerce type accounts for me to set up in addition to managing the one we already have set up. AND I had my first business meeting on Thursday. It's a big change from working at the newspaper and in the restaurant, and it's really great.

Anyways, that's all.. have a good night everyone.

"I don't have to listen to you. You're a dog. You don't have a soul"
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