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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 3-1-2006 at 8:20am
Current mood: blah
Music: The Used - All that I've got
Subject: Beats me
What up yall? So I asked Brady to my prom and he said he had to ask his parents. Im glad that he wants to go and even if he cant i wont be too hurt cuz it aint his fault. Other then that though im good and im tired and sleepy too. My ex Brian called me last night while i was asleep and left me a voice mail. He leaves it under Urgent and says "hey you never call me anymore! what happened? well call me back when you get this" i just laughed when i heard it. Neways though, i was suppose to work the rodeo last night but i didnt get to cuz it was full. So neways imma go now, im watching Wake me up when september ends. Later.
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