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moondune22 (profile) wrote,
on 3-7-2006 at 1:13pm
Current mood: crazy
Subject: Its been long
hey hey hey guys whats up??? not to much here just alot of things goin on. Its been crazy!!! I have been meaning to post i have just had alot of shit goin on..... first of all zac and i broke up... he cheated on me twice... and he lied to me... anyways i tried to find someone new but it just wasnt workin out till i found daniel.... me and him have been together for about 2 weeks... we love each other..... alot. i got kicked out of my moms house because i was not home before dark and she got mad cuz i was doing bad things.... i have been really bad. i have been getting into drugs..... and other things..... i have been sexually active and i have to slow down on that one... and i have.. my mom told me she wanted me to come back to greenfield right after i withdrew from the school up there.... so i really dont know whats goin on in her mind. i went to go get my stuff from her house yesterday and she had moved away and she had mine and candaces stuff all bagged up........ i have to go back togreenfield to get the rest of my stuff... OH!! i got a new job at Keystone oaks.. i am a waitress there for old ppl!! lol i know its funny but hey i get paid 7 bucks an hour!! so its worth it. I am glad i am back in franklin... i am getting my lisence soon!!! well gtg in bio class right now... so i will post asap!!!
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