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courtney115 (profile) wrote,
on 3-12-2006 at 3:54pm
Current mood: calm
Music: Oh Comely- Neutral Milk Hotel
Subject: homework, sickness, and shaving my legs.
School really isn't that bad, if you just do your homework. I mean. Homework is a bitch, I know, but if you just...complete it, than you don't have anything really to worry about! That being said, I should probably start on my homework, but, whatever. I'll do it later, lol.

My sister is sick. She has some lung thing, an infection, so she's busy in her bed recouperating.

I sort of like shaving my legs. It makes me feel like im accomplishing something, plus, they feel very smooth afterwards. And i like putting lotion all on them because then they're even more smooth. I <3 my legs, lol. That's about it for this weekend's entry.
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