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moondune22 (profile) wrote,
on 3-13-2006 at 1:24pm
Current mood: numb
Subject: my weekend...
hey guys whats up??? notta lotta here..... just in bio again chillin and very tired.... im so tired i cant feel anything.... im about to hit my head on the desk... well i found out that i have a virus and its killing me!!! My head is pounding.... anyways its been a little while since i have been sick.... and i reallly dont like it..... anyways about my weekend... saturday i went out to go get my b/f from greenfield.. and he wasnt home and i started crying because i wanted to see him before he left for georgia.... so he called and he said he would come down to franklin... he got lost and then he wnt back home.... then i begged my dad to go get him and my dad did!! thank god... so he stayed the night saturday night and he stayed last night and now he is at my house alone waiting for me to come home... which i got a little over an hour to wait...i cant wait to see him... he loves me to death.. and i love him to death.... well im going to go its really hot in here and i just want to lay my head down. I woll post later!!!
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