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Tails (profile) wrote,
on 3-13-2006 at 5:23pm
Current mood: bouncy
Music: dashboard confessional - again i go unnoticed
Subject: the end of the storm
So at the end of a storm when everything is dead and cold and wet...but it looks like the world might just be ending or just being born for the first time. thats when things start to get in your head. you think and think until it festers inside you and burns away till it slips out in the wrong form. but you try so hard to use that energy to change someone. to help give them the guidance they seek. i tried to help someone begin the deconstruction process to a better and more them, them. a real you a perfect image of what you want yourself to be. NOT ANYTHING ANYONE ELSE WANTS! but it was too much for him so he ran from it...who gives up on wanting to change themselves when someone is trying to give them the beggings to questions they must ask to begin their work? you cant change someone. you can affect them enough for them to want to change themselves. and i was doing that. even if he questioned himself once thats enough for me and i did what i set out to do. but being told it means nothing and living fake is fun...thats what makes me think about the end of a storm when it all seems like it was worth nothing...but its always worth far more than we can begin to imagine. so i did as much as i could. and i didnt push. he asked i answered his questions. everyone should deconstruct themselves. i did the end of tenth grade. you all know how much cooler and nicer and happier i was at the begging of junior year right? thats when i became the whetzel everyone seems to have fallen in love with. deconstruction did this for me. as it should for everyone. and deconstruction is different from self destruction please know that. if anyone ever wants to begin deconstruction you know where to fine me hehe. but always remember. never stop asking questions and never stop talking ever. no matter what. and dont ever lie to yourself. never. remeber this always. outy my loves.
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