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Rachely (profile) wrote,
on 3-21-2006 at 9:31pm
Subject: WARNING: Hypocrisy ahead
I know that I am supposed to feel compassion for other people, but I just cannot take this. He is constantly complaining to me about not having found the love of his life. About how sad he is. About how nobody knows the real him. And then he tells me he doesn't want anyone to know the real him because it would make them sad and he doesn't want other people to be sad. And he says all this to me only using about half of the words correctly and misspelling the other half. Every day he is complaining to me, and all I can think of is "do I complain this much? If I do I need to stop if I want to keep my friends." I just want to smack him, and I think that makes me a bad person...

And yes, I realize that just by writing this I am complaining. The difference is you don't have to read it, and even though you just did, at least you don't have to respond and try to make me feel better.
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