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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 3-22-2006 at 3:47pm
Music: Excuse Me Miss- Chris Brown
Subject: Long Time No Update Lol.
Definitely havenít updated in a long timeÖ

I still really have nothing to say except for MEAPS suck ass. Im going shopping tomorrow with Sonego to go look at baby clothes for Emily n Austin's baby BOY. I love going shopping for baby clothes.

Thatís all I pretty much got, but a comment would still be nice.

EDIT: So yeah, Definitly no shopping today with Ashley. Shes really tired from the Fall Out Boy concert annnd, its my moms birthday today so were going out to dinner. She hasnt picked where yet but im pretty sure its gunna be Trini's just because she knows i want to go there lol. Anywhooo the whole point in this edit was because i saw the cutest thing today.... Ashley was gunna drive me to my car evne though it was like 2 rows over lol, and Ashley was saying good-bye to Aaron and .... yeah they kissed. awwwwww *sigh*. Im so happy for her. :) Their just so adorable together.
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