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bloody-hell (profile) wrote,
on 3-22-2006 at 8:13pm
Subject: kilt article - mine
Betsy Jacobson
Feature Editor

The kilt has been traced back many countries, including Austria, Africa, Greece, Rome, Egypt, the Netherlands, and Japan. For centuries, however, it has been considered traditional Scottish dress. Even today, over eighty percent of the men in Scotland wear full Highland regalia to their weddings ( Still, one doesn’t expect to see this unbifurcated garment anywhere outside of the British Isles (‘bifurcated’ meaning ‘cloven in twain,’ and ‘un’ meaning ‘not’).
However, recent evidence has shown that many more chaps in other nations, such as Canada and the US, are wearing MUGs (Men’s Unbifurcated Garments) in everyday life. No longer is the kilt a thing to be worn only for special occasions – in the twenty-first century, it is, while not necessarily the height of fashion, generally acceptable attire.
The style itself is very versatile. One can wear anything from the traditional tartan to a more casual kilt, such as those made by Seattle, Washington-based company Utilikilt ( As far as shirts go, anything from a t-shirt to a Renaissance-style ‘poet shirt’ to a tuxedo jacket can be worn with kilts. Sneakers, flip-flops, dress shoes, and any other types of footwear also work well with them. Kilts can fall under any clothing style, formal, casual, and even punk rock.
There are some kilt-wearing faux pas, though, according to Wallace Lockhart, author of The Scottish Wedding. Apparently, flat caps are a no-no with Highland dress, and, if worn, socks should be pulled no higher than “a hand’s breadth below [the knee],” says Lockhart, who spent two years doing research for his book ( And what of the age-old question as to what should be worn beneath the kilt? “Contrary to popular belief,” Lockhart explains, “there are no rules about what to wear under the kilt…but you’d look stupid in white boxer shorts.”
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