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izntlifesojuicy (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2006 at 10:34pm
Me, I thought you were perfect
Even though I knew
you were not the epitome of perfection
I still thought you were perfect

And when I was with you
It felt perfect
No matter what anybody else said
It felt so perfect
just to be right next to you

And Iíll never be able to forget
What it felt like to be with you
To hold your hand and walk in the sun
To stand next to you or be in your arms
To hug and kiss you
Or our endless conversations
And our inside jokes

Now I guess Iíll just put away these memories
and lock them in my heart forever
and play them back in my head
like a movie
Just for me to see

Other times Iíll wonder
Why I always have to watch the rain fall
and listen to the saddest songs
about how much I miss you
Wondering if you feel the same way too

Now when I look back
To how it used to be
Something comes over me
And everything becomes so blurry...

I thought what we had was perfect
Even though I knew
It was not the epitome of perfection
I still thought it was perfect

Despite what everyone said,
about how we shouldnít be together
I never listened

Because if you just put me and you together
and forget all the mistakes and details
It didnít just feel perfect
It was perfect.
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