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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 4-2-2006 at 9:54am
pretty much even tv isnt safe anymore. stupid whore. uhh.

but anyways... yesterday keegan popped his shoulder out of joint again at practice. he picked me up from work and told me and i was like "yeah ok, i know what today is... hahaha" and he's like no really i did... and once again i was like "OK keegan"... but he actually did. poor thing. he brought me home this morning before he went to work, so now he has to carry plates all around and make it even more sore. *sad face* *kisses it to make it ALL better*

after tonight i dont work again until the 12th. woot woot. that'll be nice. washing dishes tonight however WONT be nice. at least i have a respectable job though... not dissing on anyone who works at a fast food restaraunt.. im just glad i can say i work at Metron where i record food acceptance and aid in properly nutritioning diabetics than i flip burgers and drench french fries in grease. its all good... i still hate my job though.

tonights a new desperate housewives AND Flavor of love.. which keegan and i got strangely addicted to because it's so stupid.

friday night keegan took me to disney on ice. it was really cool. we went last year too. we have so much fun at things like that. its wonderful. then we went to coldstone.. because that's simply the perfect end to a perfect date. OH and the BEST ice cream you can get there is (strawberry cheesecake ice cream with strawberries, rasberries, bananas, and pie crust) mmm.

lets see what else... i guess thats it. have a good spring break.

( i miss brandi and stacy... fricken COME HOME! )
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