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fadingintoblue (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2006 at 11:55pm
I hate love right now. We are all bound by a spiderweb of emotions, and sometimes people go and leave gaping holes.

I hate love because of the capacity to get hurt. I also hate how it constrains us, keeps us tethered. If one isn't careful, it's easy to hurt the ones who love you or who you love.

And I hate how people justify things by love. If they hurt someone, they say it's out of love. And people use the love of one as blinders against the love others, sometimes.

People always get hurt, and sometimes they become so damaged that they pull away from people who love them and cause more pain.

So I hate love today. It binds me to people, it makes me care too much. And I'm too damn empathetic, and because I love people I'll listen to them, and take their pain, and become hurt by it. "Other men's crosses are not my crosses," but it's hard not to offer help out of love.
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