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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 4-4-2006 at 9:16am
Current mood: artistic
Music: Kid Rock & Cheryl Crow - Picture
Subject: whatever it may be
well this weekand sucked and this week is turning out all ready to suck balls. I work everyday this week, including Closing on Friday and Saturday! Its retarded. I dont wanna work it lol. Then my mom is pissed at me for my OE coarses that i havent completed and if i dont complete them then fuck it, ill take some summer school and then get over it. But i will finish High School FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! FINALLY! man and then my sorta guy Chad didnt want me to leave my friend Jess's house last night, and i almost didnt but i had to so i told him that i couldnt. Felt bad but i got over it lol cuz i talked to him for like an hour or so. I cant wait for this shitty week to be over cuz now i cant go Dancing with Krystine and that makes me sad, i was gonna be her dance partner even though i cant dance. It really sux. I feel like drawing but im too lazy to do so. oh well though, ill be alright i guess and eventually ill get over it. But ya, i am preying for these scholarships. Now i have this guy in my class jamming out to this Raving song, he seems like a fun party guy, i need to invite him to Jessicas house lmao. That would be fun. Hes a funny guy named Clayton who knows my Ex Dustin, Weird.....But ya, Hes kool. Neways though, Gtg, Listening to my Fav song now, Lata!
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