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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2006 at 8:33am
Current mood: depressed
Music: Ne-yo - So sick
Subject: so sick of love....
Last night, What can i say? it started more around 2:30pm when i called my manager to tell him i couldnt work cuz i had to take my brother to School. he got pissed and told me some shit then i said whatever and hung up with him. I cant stand this job anymore. I need something new or to just quit for awhile. I need a vacation. I need to get away from it all, My mom, My brother, School, Work EVERYTHING!!! i just want to run away. I wish i could even though i technically can. My mom just doesnt understand, but then i went to pick my bro up and my friend Jess came with me, After we had played a lovely game of Strip poker hahaha! well neways, we went to pick him up, on the way my mom called me and she talked with me, Then my brother called me to bitch that i wasnt there. After i was ready to hang up my mom called back so i told him that i would be there late and i was sorri then i got back on the phone with my mom, Then i got bitched at by her because i told her i would be late home because i had Jess with me, Well fuckin shit, Then i got to my house around 10:45pm. i got to Jessicas in leauge City only 5 minutes later so i stayed for another half hour, Then i went home. I got home around 11:40pm. My mom this morning bitched at me again and now im prolly grounded which is fuckin bullshit. I just want out of my moms life. I love her but she needs to get away from me and off my back. I mean she is basically begging me to move out with how she is acting toward me. I dont understand anything anymore, i need to keep my mouth shut and finish school so that my mom cant bitch and complain about how one of three did not graduate. I dont want her to be upset when i move out again but i cant do it, i cant hack it living with her. I am gone all the time because i cant stand being in her house, its something that bugs me, I wanna be at Jessicas all the time to visit with her and make out with Chad and to chill. Maybe drink on occation but nothin special. Well im not sure of what else to say, im just sooo pissed/sad/depressed/angry/and shot down. I just cant wait till the end of today at school so i can see Chad, even if for a little bit, he will help me feel comfy. later yall.
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