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denation (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2006 at 10:11am
Last night was great. We blew some hours on payroll, but it wasn't our fault. I wasn't gonna send home Mike or anything, and I needed Allison. So if Stacy has a problem with hours last night, she'll have to get over it. Everything else was good. Waste was... well, there was that mishap where someone must've hit the dial while they were turning the broiler (*cough*AndyDoug*cough*) and made the speed too fast and we wasted about 24 burgers. Yeah, that pissed me off big time. Let's see, I did all my bookwork (days bookwork too because none of it was done). SOS was... high, but only because we were trying to have no waste by the end of the night. Cash was... short, by about $4, but three of it was from daybreak so I really only was short a dollar for my shift.

Wow, I guess it wasn't a good night. I admit it, if Allison wasn't there I'd have probably ripped some hair out. "Not gonna lie."
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