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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2006 at 5:21am
i went up to my grandma's yesterday.. she lives about 40 minutes away in whitecloud in the middle of the woods. and i was about to leave, it was around 10:00.... and she looked out the window and there was a BLACK BEAR!!!! OMG! it was HUGE and it was like 10 feet away from the window standing on its back legs reaching up at the bird feeder! it was SO cool! they get bear every year so they werent suprised or anything, but i was like HOLLLLYYYY... lol. when we would go to TN thats one of the things we'd look forward to, was seeing black bear.. and here i am in MICHIGAN, 40 minutes away from my house and theres a full grown black bear 5 feet away from my car! it was crazy! its a good thing she looked out the window before i walked outside... i probably would have had a heart attack. i couldnt believe i was looking at a BEAR! so yeah... that was my excitement yesterday..
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