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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2006 at 10:46am
Current mood: disappointed
Music: Kermit The Frog on Weed
Subject: another bad night...
this week has been the longest week i have had in a long time. I am ready to just let go. I want to walk out on my mom, see how she feels after im gone from her life. She is trying to rule over me cuz i may not graduate. Well screw that, outside of school isnt going to do me any good. Next week i have alot of shit i gotta do anyways. Im going to start running and walking on monday, maybe sunday night, who knows but this weekand i am still gone from my moms. I think, i hope, and i really need a break from the damned drama. I need to like rent a hotel and just sit in it for 24 hours, do nothin but get food and snooze. Chad was funny last night when i saw him, he started to get a little clingy and i dont really want clingy though i dont mind on Occation. i mean i know i like him but at the same time i think im pushing everyone away which is kinda scary to me. i mean i dont think of "him" as often. the one i will always love but yet at the same time he somehow gets back into my life. Without even having contact with me. I want to move to alabama. Though i dont wanna leave and hurt people. Though at the same time though i do need away from all that i know, including my normal self in order to fix my little problem. I want to get lost and not be found for like 2 weeks. Then i will be back on Track. Well im not sure if i have anything else to say, i wanna see Chad and try to figure myself out, try to work it out in my own head. I mean i do wanna see him and he does make me happy when i let him. There isnt too much to say though so, Later.
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