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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2006 at 6:27pm
my voice is gone.

rampage game last night, bobby went with me. lets not get into the game though....

i stayed at keegans last night and this morning i woke up and one of my eyes wouldnt open. *sad face* what a BEAUTIFUL thing to wake up to... "baby, i cant open my eye" (keep in mind my voice sounds like a cat stuck in a metal pan) "aww, let me help you". i wont get into the sight he must have seen either... (now that HAS to be a test of our relationship!) i've got a really good one. and then of course his mom tells me to drink orange juice.. i think she thinks orange juice will cure everything. any illness... "ohh drink some orange juice." *smiles.... i love this family.

i went home while keegan went to work and my mom and me and shelby took jessie for a walk.. what a wonderful day. we even let shelbys bunny run around outside. then i took my NEWWWWW car in to town to vaccume it. THEN me and keegan brought shelby over so she could see sushi and we let him run around outside. he's not very fast.. it was so cute to see his tiny little self running around the grass. NOW we're waiting for keegans mom to get home to make us pork chops. i've been craving some pork chops for a couple days.. and sense im in NO condition to be seen, we're staying home tonight. i dont care though.. i just want to cuddle with my asian. :)

oh and stacy.. perhaps this will bring back some memories?
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