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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2006 at 8:06am
Current mood: rushed
Music: none
Subject: this weekand...
what can i say about my weekand? well uhm lets see here, i went to work on Friday and then when i closed the store, i went to my friend Jessicas apt. Then we played another game of strip poker, though cuz i was getting sleepy Jess and me forfit the game hahaha. Though Chad and Nick had been nekked at least once a peice. Same with me though. Then Jess and Nick ran off to the bedroom, We were going to sleep but then something happened, we began to kiss, they were soft kisses but it got me going, Then i got up, turned out the light and got on top of him, basically we ended up having sex. He says about 2 hours we were going but who knows, all i know is he got me off like 15 times. Then i went to work Saturday night. Worked till closing again and came back to Jessicas apt. Chad was the only one awake this time, Then Nick and Jess got up for a few, Then Jess soon disappeared in the bedroom, Then Nick put a movie on, Chad and I laid down on the couch, it wasnt long before Nick left the movie playing and passed out. We began to make out again but it didnt last this time, i kept falling to sleep because i was extremely tired. I remember falling asleep like 3 times and then he would kiss me, But then i passed out. I guess it didnt work anymore. Then yesterday i helped my buddy Chad move his parents out of their house. That was fun, we filled up a storage unit. Then i took Chad to my sunday dinner, which i found out a little later that he was nervous, i thought that was a bit weird after all, he did actually start talking after a little bit but he kinda followed me around my house, which i thought was cute. He didnt eat though and that worries me, he needs to eat i mean at least a few things here and there. but neways, then they loaded my car up with all their shit and i sat in my driver side seat, with a blanket on my lap. They were crushed in with stuff all around them. I felt bad. But ya know, then we got back to jessicas and we chilled for a bit, then i had to go, went home, called Chad and talked to him till almost midnight....Which i have quit starting now on Smoking. Its going to suck at first but i shall love it soon enough and im going to start exercising too. Hopefully ill be able to stay in Shape as well. Neways though, there aint much to really say other then that. so Later!
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