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mieko (profile) wrote,
on 4-13-2006 at 9:46am
I saw my test before Spring Break started, and the damned algebra test had a 68% on it.
I was sooo close this time! D<

Oh and..
Yesterday, I moved a ton of rocks from this little dirt hedge thing, to another pile across the yard from it..
Then my dad came home and yelled at me because I wasn't supposed to move those rocks.
I was supposed to move the rocks from between that hedge and the stupid fence.
But I heard my mom tell him that she was watching my little brother and I move rocks while she was washing the dishes and stuff.

So then if she did, why didn't she tell us BEFORE we moved most of them that we were doing it wrong?

Anyway, I have to put those rocks back in their original place, and then get the "right" rocks into the pile today.
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