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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 4-16-2006 at 6:11am
friday was so beautiful. keegan and i went to AJ's and went mini golfing (which i won) and then in the batting cages. i'm not sure that i've ever even held a baseball bat.. lol.

then we got ice cream and went to riverside park which was wonderful. after that we drove around downtown and stopped at nicks house (breakdancer) and last but not least, got smoothies from coldstone. it was a really good night.

saturday we had a yearbook work day. the senior section is seriously awesome. if you havent bought a yearbook you NEED to. for the people who didnt buy a book this year.. i think that once it comes out next year and people see how good it is, we're going to sell all of our extras.i just did 3 spreads in 3 days. (just so you know.. it takes some poeple about a month or more just to do one) im so excited for the book to be done!

yesterday after the yearbook thing and before i went to work, i went for a run/walk. i havent excersised in so long. and then i got home.. cleaned out under our bunny hut (which was long due... ugh) and wheel barrowed it to the back of our property. i was just in such a good mood ijust wanted to be outside. but TODAY my legs hurt from overdoing it on my walk thing, my back hurts from lifting the wheelbarrow wrong, my shoulders hurt from doing countless handstands, and my tricept is a bit inflamed. ah well, who cares.

we're going to my uncle david and aunt pats today for easter dinner. keegans coming after he gets out of work. he has to be in at 11 and his boss wouldnt let him come in at 12 after church. like ANYONES gonna be eating at logans on easter during church hours. so that's to bad.

the "easter bunny" brought me the carrie underwood cd and a silk robe in my easter basket this morning (thats right, im 17 and still get easter baskets and christmas stockings... my mom doesnt want to let go) and im SEEING carrie underwood at the KENNY CONCERT! i can barely stand the wait. derks bently is gonna be there too.. but i dont really like him. BUT brandi and i just got tickets for the tim mcgraw and faith hill concert too! OMG... now im just freaking out. because im going to two of the biggest concerts this year. i cant WAIT!

happy easter!
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