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mieko (profile) wrote,
on 4-16-2006 at 8:37am
I had a bad dream. >.>
Whenever I have bad dreams or emotionally taxing dreams, I get bags. o_O; It's a good thing I don't have them often...

I was in a big clothes washing/dryer place, and students were in line for this one machine at the very end of the room.
Well I was in the middle with Nasya, and Tristan and his friend was behind us.
And I could feel him looking at me and saying out loud intentionally, "Yeah, she told me she loved me."
He sounded really proud and ... not cocky, but it was close.
I clung to Nasya's arm, and she looked at me sympathetically.
I just kept my gaze forward, but I continued to listen to his conversation (which I can't remember).
Then we came across this freebie box of stretchy toys. These were the kind you could find in a quarter machine. There were three or four strawberry boxes that held them.
So we just took the ones we liked as we moved on.
But Nasya and I took a while looking for the ones we liked, and suddenly everyone behind us disappeared, and there were only a few people upfront close to that machine.
When the people in front left, so did Nasya (they disappeared abruptly) and I was by myself. These pink plastic ball came out of the end dryer of that wall, and I went to get it, expecting something OTHER than tiny white weed flowers.
Some blonde girl who was older (but seemed to be really nice and knew what she was doing) told me to put it on top of the dryer, and that it could be left alone.
Then when I turn, I have to go sit down in a classroom I've been in once before, and couldn't find any seat I liked but by some football player who looked like he'd be a jackass.
Nasya's in there somewhere, but she's sitting somewhere else, and I didn't turn to look. I knew where she was anyway.
Jessica (a bus-ride buddy-type person) came in, but sat at the very desk farthest away in the cluster of desks and me as she could.
Just as the teacher (a bald man who was really curt and snapped at me to take my seat) rose to the projection machine about to start class..
I woke up.

I want to know what that means. Because I sure haven't been going to class because of spring break, so it couldn't have been a recap.
And I've only gone to the dryer/washer places once in my life, and that was in Texas, when I was about 2-3 years old. o_o
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