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greenpixiestix (profile) wrote,
on 4-16-2006 at 12:39am
Music: Amen - Please Kill Me
breaking the silence.

refusing to fuck up your life by posting comments that could potentially lead to disaster. i wish you well. that applies to everyone who reads this.

i need to stay away from people when i pms. lock up my phone. disable ims. i do weird shit.

so i want PrettyBoy (thusly nicknamed by GPR, who thinks i'm slightly boy crazy, which i am) which seems to be one of the craziest improbabilities EVER, but is somehow so. i'm probably delirious. YoungPunk was my boyfriend for less than a month, and obviously that was a mistake. if you're a good guy, go for a good girl, please. you can go after the edgy ones and try to save them, but they'll end up fucking you over as much as they've been fucked over, and it's not worth it. i hate all the girls that cheat and lie and do all the things that perpetuate and validate the evil girl stereotype. i hate the slutty girls. i'm a good girl. i'm a romantic. i don't think it's fair to be stereotyped with those girls just b/c your views are so skewed. that's all.

so maybe i'm not ready. maybe he doesn't care. maybe i've ceased to care. i hope that's the case. let's get this over with. point. click. post.
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