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izntlifesojuicy (profile) wrote,
on 4-17-2006 at 7:50pm
One More Chance

That old saying about love being blind never had such an obvious meaning until now... I always thought we could take both our fragmented hearts to make one, strong only with and by the other but again, I was wrong. Yet in my love for you, I hope and pray you'll be happy. I only wish I was the one that could fulfill this in your life. Jealousy, the one ingredient taking over the feelings I once had. I would be lying if I didn't admit to being jealous; yes I am envious of him, envious of the way you love him, the way you want him to love you, however I only blame myself. I guess our lives have different paths... No matter how much I wish that to change, I imagine it never will. As the clock tics each second away we grow farther and farther apart, beginning new lives with new people. Soon, I feel I'll be nothing but a mere memory that will soon fade away with all the new ones you will have to replace it. So here I sit, lamenting the decisions I've made. Hoping we can reunite in friendship again in some way/shape/or form, knowing how my heart still screams for you ever minute of the day. Trying to seek myself among this shattered heart never has been so hard; if only all of the pieces were not screaming your name… calling for you to please … please give me one more chance.

-- TB
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