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atman (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2006 at 12:10am
Music: Haruka Kanata (If you don't know it, look it up)
Subject: Its been a few months
Gar, its been a few months, and like the past jillion times, I broke my idea about updating more frequently. Its not my fault! I blame Canada, because I can.
But lets see...what is new...
College is still a bitch. I still don't enjoy it, and I'm counting down the days til it ends. Its been nothing more than a high school without parents, which apparently I suck at.
Lately I've taken up an interest in a new anime, and that would be Naruto. But if you go thinking I'm an anime freak, I'll kick your ass, because I really only like two of em. 50 points if you know the other one I used to watch.
I'm really getting sick of my family too. I don't know why. I love em to tears, but I question at times whether they care if I'm alive or dead. On easter sunday my grandmother was around my two cousins all day, and I didn't get to talk to her or anything. Like always, those reunions suck because I have nobody to talk to or anything.
I should probably break out some good news since its been a waahhh fest this whole time...oh, Dez is comin down from Canada on the 12th. If you don't play Wow then you won't have a clue what I'm talkin about, and thats alright.
Hmm...what else...I possibly could have a job this summer. GASP. Addison...and don't see it either, do you? All I have to do is get up off my lazy ass and make one phone call and see if there is still an opening. But, if college has taught me anything, I can be one big ol' lazy ass.
In Psychology, we have to turn in our big research papers on a given topic on Tuesday. We've been working on these puppies all semester long, and we'll show all our classmates what we've been working on. What topic did I choose? Well, I've been thinking about Free will, and, I mean, I CHOSE free will a long time ago and I've been working on it...yes. That is what I meant to say.
Ahem, er, yes, other than that, I'm waiting for college to end so I can go see all my cedar springian friends. Not the ones here at college though. I've got my own reasons for not giving a rat's ass about the ones here.
Anywho, I got class in like 20 minutes, so I'll catch you kids later.
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