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mydecadesunder (profile) wrote,
on 4-22-2006 at 10:27pm
Current mood: missing ben! :(
Subject: sucky depressed
hey yo gangstas omg this weekend is so much fun so far i went to brittneys and we had drunk alcohol and it was very gross and then we smoke when andy left and then i dunno sam got wasted and yea i wasnt out of it like she was i was partially dang sam was real out of it!! but yea andy asked *her*out and then the other *her* asked him out and yea it was weird but i know he will make the right choice! o man then freakin me and sam got our nails done and brittney talked to *him and i think she wasnt to thrilled! she got all upset sorry hun but yea mike the idiot likes sam!! but he doesnt even have a chance not even close to one!! but yea sam is reall confused too and i know she will make the right decsion but yea...... u i dunno this weekend was real real gr8 but i havent talked to ben at all and i miss him muchly i could cry i love him to death! and everytme it rained i thought of him and yea it was reall sad cause i wasnt with him and ya know well ithink this is the most i have wrote in my woohu so far...but def i know that my mind is made up about my people and stuff but yea i love ben majorly much and stuff like yea and my weekend is getting better like i got 5 dollars 4 nothing and im gettin my hair highlighted 2morrow! yay ok well im gonna go now love ya peeps♥Alicia
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