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mudpiegrl (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2006 at 10:49pm
so tonight kristen and mushroom came over. we were sewing...or trying to for a bit. my mum and brother decided to get sushi...and decided to have a family they went home...

well, lemme tell you about this family dinner...

mum wouldnt let us talk because she wanted to watch tyler and i were laughing about that. he asked, "so where's the part where we talk about our days?"

then they were talking about someone they saw at sushi masa, the restaurant we got our food at. and my mum didnt understand that i knew who she was talking about and that it's the same person's family who owns silk manderin. so she kept talking about it and tyler was like...ok, she gets it. watch twenty four. and she started talking about how she was going to go in the garage, but the reaosn we were watching in the house is because it was tivo'd there as opposed to the garage, where it was over. so she started throwing a fit

and left the room. what news, eh?

but whatever.

my monologue went strangely. i was so worried that i had underprepared and i didnt know it well enough, but strangely, i was in the group of more memorized ones. one girl didnt even try. she was avoiding it because she's terrible at memorizing...which is the most ridiculous excuse i've ever heard. why wouldn't you even try? the fact that it was more difficult made me try harder to get it down...because i know im not so great at memorization. was just the first thing and we have to continue working on it for the rest of the semester. woo. mine's depressing as hell, too. oh well...i actually just found a few things to relate to my own life and character. interesting, i suppose.

amanda finally gave me the bright eyes cds...but neither of them have bowl of oranges on them...and just hearing his voice made it get stuck in my head. but dont worry...i found it on radio blog club.

so i'm mostly carefree right just paranoid that someone's mad at me or i did something's a bit guiltifying, really.

kristen and i have been working hardcore on our's going ot be fun. and im going to come back saturday night for patrice's party. it's going to be an awesome weekend.
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