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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2006 at 12:33am
so. i'm going home tomorrow. blah blah blah. everyone is always like I can't believe how fast this all went! And I'm all, you weren't thinking that when you were in Hispanic Culture. It's gone by all normal. That's it. I don't know.

But I do know one this. This year has been fucking awesome. Not saying that I haven't been down, but for the most part. I'm in love with this place. Sure, Kalamazoo has a higher murder rate than Detroit. And a higher STD rate than the whole state of Michigan. And we live on a hill. But it's still a really diverse and fun place. This campus is amazing. I don't even care that I live in the Valley and I"m disconected from main campus.

This place is beautiful in the springtime. With the pond and the geese and the fountains and the blue sky. AMAAAZZZINNNG. There are flowers all over the place. I walk around and listen to my Ipod and I just want to sing and dance and hug strangers. Or at least smile real big.

And the people! OH! I was overwhelmed at first and nervous and my eyes were tired, but now. . . This valley has more people in it than high school. And even though it's really loud and I hate all the drinking that goes on, there's other cool stuff going on too. I've never met so many great and fun and openminded people. It's mind boggling. Fucking nuts. And you end up getting so close to a person when you share 14 feet of living space.

And all the stuffed I've learned. I feel so smart sometimes. High school was a horror story inside of a monster. I feel so big here. Like I'm about to burst at the seems at any moment. It's the best feeling. I don't even know where to begin with all that I'm feeling. It's like I'm leaving summer camp, but it's much bigger than that.

I love Jenna. She's too awesome, and I'm gonna miss her soooo much. And then there's everyone else that i've made friends with. It's so cool. You don't ever not have anyone to talk to or see. I'm going to miss them a whole lot. This is such a cool community. Just my side of the building is. . .great. sigh.

Plus all of this has made me closer to Jake. We're so much stronger now. I love love love love love love love him.

I had an amazing job, which almost hurts more to leave than school. I love my kids. I can go on for hours about the reasons why preschoolers are the best people on the planet. There so honest and so sweet. Even the naughty ones. And they have no idea about anything. The world exsists for them and that's it. But you can still mold them and love them. ahhhh.

It just feels so fucking sweet. I know what I want to do with my life, I'm crap my pants happy and I know I'm not done growing up. But I'm going to live my life before I do all this settling down business. I feel very mature and very excited about my sweet life. I'm not going to be the girl from cedar anymore.

I'm Sarah Ruth Cohen. And I'm awesome.
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