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izntlifesojuicy (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2006 at 12:08am
im am super bored. . and i just feel like i have to say this and get it off my chest. . now if u just so happen to get with ryan agian. . .make sure he doesnt do the same damn thing to u that hes done before. hes apologized over and over agian and nothing changes. . .to me this just seems like hes being all sweet now and when he gets u back. . its gonna b the same, maybe not right away but u know itll happen. ill respect ur desision only if u know itll work. . dont go into it thinking "maybe itll work this time" im saying this to u as a friend and not cuz i wanna b with not gonna do nething until u know wat ur gonna do, but ill b by ur side thru this, i hate to see u so confused. . .but just bhappy ok. . .do wat u know will make u happy. jerry springer taught me a lesson about love today, love can b the best thing that happens to u but it can also b the worst, u need to move on if u know its not gonna work cuz all its gonna do is hurt more.. . haha those were his words. but for serious if ryan doesnt see wat an angel he has had in his life, he might as well tear his eyes out. . ok im done now before i start goin crazy and its umm 130 in the mornign and i need to get to bed. . .
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