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THEhairybeast (profile) wrote,
on 5-3-2006 at 12:45am
Current mood: hungry
Subject: my shopping list
well since ive been so hungry since fifth period. i started writing the ultimate shopping list (for my taste and for what i dont have at home). and im hoping to talk my dad into giving me cash and letting me go shop for the items. but here it is:
fluff, bread and butter pickles, chocolate chip granola bars, lucky charms, poptarts, lettuce, caramel rice cakes, plums, honey ham, raviolis, sauces, cake mix, icing, brownie mix, cookie dough, oreos, mint oreos, american cheese, torpido rolls, butter pretzels, donuts, ranch dressing, catalina dressing, italian dressing, baby carrots, mixed berry cream cheese, garlic powder, freeze pops, apple and banana instant oatmeal, bagged popcorn, fruit snacks, brocolli, eggo waffles, french toast sticks, chicken strips, honey mustard, confection sugar, onion rings, original rippled chips.

thats all i have right now. but mm i could make so much with that. but anyway, new subject. i started writing an entry about me and mr fabio. but i changed my mind about submitting it. only because i dont feel like advertising like everyone else does or has. thats deadly. wow, these kids are at a fifty cent website and they think its the funniest thing that they can turn the volume up and hear a loud gunshot. ....okay? .. anyway. it was a little funny cause were in a school and .. winslow shooters! look out! ha. freaks. i feel like surfing the web. too bad i cant go on myspace..
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